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Jinxiu jiangshan go Beijing edition today

Date: 2015-12-09

The country's 150 city networking gm, swim 852 scenic spots, ninety percent scenic spot tickets free...This morning, go to Beijing 2016 splendid jiangshan national tourism officially released version, all attractions tickets, ticket value reached 37000 yuan.
The reporter understands, jinxiu jiangshan go to national tourism have issued 10 years in a row, compared with the past, cover the area more this year, with go to gm in 150 cities network, 24 provinces can swim 852 5 a, 4 a level scenic spots, forest park, etc., many forest park of beijing-tianjin-hebei are in columns.Among them, the ancient city of the taierhchuang free unlimited full-year 671 scenic area, west mountain temple of great enlightenment, jinan daming lake, such as the silk road in gansu province 98 scenic spots within a year of free time, half-price tickets for 83, each attractions tickets, ticket value of 37000 yuan.This piece of tourist go to cover the beijing-tianjin-hebei area as many as 177, the badaling Great Wall ShuiGuan, the black dragon canyon, ShiDu ShuaiFu less, the world flower grand view garden, tianjin, hebei wild three hillsides, shijiazhuang park expo garden, qinhuangdao soyama, etc.
Compared with the normal tourist go, VIP version more Beijing botanical garden, zhongshan park, jingshan park, joyous pavilion park, yuyuantan park, Pacific Ocean world this six scenic spot.From today onwards, citizens can in purple bamboo park, yuyuantan park, poly theater, dealt with the one-year, normal price is 98 yuan, the VIP version of 150 yuan, the rings can call (400-700-8448) free door-to-door delivery.Detailed list of citizens can be a splendid jiangshan official website www.365-china.cn.Use manual is a book, a card with preferential scenic pictures, address, telephone, be clear at a glance.
It is understood that due to the difference of regional tourism market and tourism resources, splendid jiangshan one-year will launch Beijing 2016 edition, qilu version, such as east China edition, expressing ideas scenic area is a bit different, tourists can be in nearby to transact.(source: Beijing evening news reporter: wen-wen sun)