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In 2016 the national joint tour go to Beijing starting can swim 150 cities

Date: 2015-12-09

New Beijing network on December 8 (reporter in vertical clouds) 2016 splendid jiangshan issued national tourism go today in Beijing.With the one-year can be connected to the Internet in the country's 150 city general, changyou 24 provinces 852 scenic spots, forest parks and museums.
Beijing Ming tombs, baoding baiyangdian, jiaozuo shennong mountain etc, 671 the year of unlimited free, the presidential palace in nanjing, jinan daming lake, xishan temple of great enlightenment and some free time, 98, 83 half price discount.According to the calculation, each scenic spot tickets free value of 37000 yuan.
Scenic spots of the beijing-tianjin-hebei places a total of 177, including 102 scenic area, Beijing tianjin hebei 75 scenic spots.Seven colorful butterfly garden, Beijing Ming tombs, the Great Wall of badaling ShuiGuan, xiangshui lake, the Great Wall, the black dragon canyon, jade crossing the mountain, ShiDu scenic spot, Chinese geological museum, national museum, Beijing planetarium, museum, qianmen towers, songshan forest park, horn ditch the primeval forest, the world flower grand view garden scenic area, such as training of tianjin has less ShuaiFu, station garden scenic area, such as hebei province including wild three hillsides, baiyang lake, qing dongling, garden expo garden, a fond dream handan, shijiazhuang, hengshui lake, hemp longwan qingming shanghe garden, qinhuangdao soyama scenic spot.
2016 splendid jiangshan go to the country launched Beijing edition version, qilu edition version, henan, shaanxi, north China edition version of various types, such as, expressing ideas scenic area is a little different.Among them, Beijing VIP version go to 150 yuan, including beijing-tianjin-hebei 183 scenic area and national other provinces.
This year Beijing new scenic spots including Beijing botanical garden, zhongshan park, joyous pavilion park, purple bamboo park, Pacific Ocean world, etc.Beginning from today, Beijing residents may purple bamboo park in Beijing, double show park, yuyuantan park, beihai park and so on 30 outlets to buy go.
According to reporter understanding, the one-year has issued 10 years in a row, authorized by the joint all go to scenic spot, set up by Beijing and around orgnaization of go to the office.
Go to check in is simple, there is no limit to the identity, 98 yuan each.Tickets after affix your one-inch photo, add after chapter covers the anti-counterfeiting film and authorization, can use all the year round, valid until December 31, 2016.Each card is issued with illustrated manual one, the introduction of every scenic spot, address, telephone and other information at a glance.(after)