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"Area" international wine competition will be held in Beijing in October of next year

Date: 2015-12-09

New net of Beijing on December 8 (reporter Du Yan) "in 2016" the international wine competition will be held in October next year in Beijing well, will invite "neighbourhood" all the way along the line of more than 30 countries and regions participating in China.During the competition, will also be a fair, show nearly 100 global wine boutique winery.
Competition organizing committee, chairman of the foreign party, Brussels, Belgium international wine competition organizing committee chairman BuDuAn, harvard conference held in today, "One Belt And One Road" development strategy of China and related areas along the wine industry, driven to Brussels, Belgium international wine competition organizing committee of Chinese wine industry, pay more attention to pay more attention to Beijing at the international wine culture and propagation of the status and role."This competition will be a dance from wine dinner, wine culture between the east and the west fusion hopes to promote the development of wine culture of well competition."
Contest executive board member, Beijing international wine exchange, vice President of party and government, October 10 to 15, 2016 will be held in Beijing fangshan district QingLongHu red wine city international competition.Among them, some of our major from October 11, 2016 to October 13, will cover all the way "" area along more than 30 countries and regions more than 1000 entries in the sample to participate in the competition.Then, the game will use the highest standard of international wine competition, invited more than ten a master of wine competition jury, composed of more than 60 international expert judges to compete for blind tasting wine.
Competition at the same time, also will invite world-class wine experts to carry out the "international wine master peak BBS" and "area along the chateau wine development BBS", focusing on the developing direction of Chinese wine industry and its status in the world of wine, wine wine brewing technology, wine tourism, chateau wine marketing, and other fields.
In addition, from the beginning on October 11, 2016, will also be a five-day "international high-end fine wine expo", to global chateau wine as the object, the display to show the different regions, different wine culture and the connotation, show unique wine style and charm.
Competition commission, the office director, said at the meeting, deputy district chief Lu Guoyi of fangshan district government, wine as the carrier of the earliest spread of eastern and western culture on the silk road, has a special important position in the cultural exchange between east and west.The fangshan district with Brussels, Belgium international wine competition jointly hosted Beijing international wine exchange competition, hope for the wine of the inheritance of ancient trade will create a new opportunity of development, promote the silk road on the trail of the wine industry to coruscate glorious.
It is understood that the Beijing fangshan district is located in the hub area, Beijing, tianjin and hebei urban circle and bordeaux in France with the same latitude, there are 12 villages and towns of more than 100000 mu of land in the wine grape planting gold belt, since 2010 the signing this chateau 33, 30000 mu of cultivated area, currently built chateau 22, has 13 wineries in liquor production stages.(after)