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Beijing received quantity is Asia's leading international meeting

Date: 2015-12-09

China news agency in Beijing on December 8 (reporter in clouds) and the 2015 international assembly, the association (ICCA) issued in 2014 received the number of the international conference on global cities, Beijing ranked 14th, total amount is 104 of an international conference reception in Beijing still maintain the leading position in China and Asia in this field.
Yu song, director of the Beijing tourism development committee of the eighth China meeting in the 8 industry conference revealed that the above information.Beijing 2014, he said, is the largest number of cities in China to hold international meetings, reception of an international conference has passed the total field, ranking first in the country.
Yu song, points out that hold the international conference on a city to improve the urban brand, display the city's image, promote tourism economy is of great significance.
Yu song said that in the international economic downturn, the decline in domestic inbound tourism market environment, Beijing took 72 hours of transit visa-free, departure tax and a series of policies, international conference held in Beijing, hope to introduce more work to attract more international participants to come to Beijing and consumption.
As how to become an international conference of Beijing city, wang yue, deputy director of the Beijing LvYouWei pointed out that Beijing first need to solve the problem of language, especially the entry to the remote service language problems, in urgent need of senior professional translation.Beijing will set up in 2016 for the world to Beijing tourism multi-language support platform, is now with relevant departments to achieve strategic cooperation intention.(after)