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Article brigade fusion this year will do 20000 Beijing residents cultural activities

Date: 2020-01-11

Beijing cultural center project has completed the main body frame structure construction, interior and exterior decoration, ongoing plan completed by the end of 2020, the public will become the capital of a significant carrier of cultural activities.

Yesterday, the brigade work can be held in Beijing.Beijing tour fusion first year after the institutional reform of the transcript from the page: according to preliminary statistics, Beijing market in 2019, a total of 22823 performances, viewers of 10.4 million person-time, box office revenue of 1.744 billion yuan.2019 tourists in Beijing is expected to total 320 million, up 3%;Realize the tourism income of 622 billion yuan, an increase of 5%.2019 Beijing animation game industry output value of about 80.6 billion yuan, increased by about 14%;Exports of about 35.252 billion yuan, grew about 93%...

More on stage, the capital of the new department of drama

Stage in 2020, the capital will be a new line of Beijing Opera and kunqu opera drama, focusing on the 100th anniversary of the founding, build a well-off society in an all-round way, and the "three zones and a nuclear city" theme.Beijing Opera house's forthcoming original Peking Opera "li dazhao", select the periods of 1918 to April 1927 in drama creation, tells li dazhao propaganda communist ideology and organize the people from all walks of life the story of the anti-imperialist struggle in Beijing.New Peking Opera "show" rocket "deng jiaxian" founding father deng jiaxian anonymity 28 years, for the country to develop the story of the first atomic bomb.The northern kunqu opera theater will launch large original kunqu opera "AIRS, drew on the history of literature in China's first female poet, famous figures heo mok lady's life during the spring and autumn period.Her patriotic poem "bamboo", "spring" "chi" included in the book of songs, AIRS, has spread so far, she of the recovery story will also use the play onto the stage.

Walking, light up Beijing, Beijing changyou Beijing suburbs to provide more choice

Rich opportunity of product supply to text brigade fusion, is an important measure in 2020 text brigade huimin.To this end, Beijing will focus on urban public space and the cultural tourism resources, the implementation of stroll Beijing schemes, swim in Beijing suburbs and lit in Beijing.

Walk among them, the "Beijing plan" on the "quality", fully use of urban public space, introduce a batch of high-quality goods city tourist route, focus on display in Beijing, Beijing flavour culture, ancient culture, red culture innovation culture, let visitors and citizens enjoy Beijing core sightseeing recreation of comfort, convenience and high quality.Food plan "swim" around "the three culture" and the grand canal, the Great Wall national cultural park construction, develop a number of distinctive theme visit circuit, power beautiful rural construction.

Light plan ", the full name of Beijing is lit at night Beijing cultural tourism consumption plan, will be in a variety of cultural tourism festival activities as the carrier, and the urban linkage, forming activities promoting consumption, focused, week there are bright spots.Beijing will also travel acting as the breakthrough point, to build brand "show" Beijing tourism performance.