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The Yuanhang International Hotel (Yuanhang Guoji Jiudian) is only 2 km (1.2 mi) from the Beijing Capital International Airport (about an 8-minute cab ride).    Rooms in this Beijing hotel feature free broadband Internet access. The on-site Chinese restaurant serves Cantonese and spicy Sichuan foods. There is also a gym,  meeting room and the coffee and tea lounge provides a relaxing venue for friends to catch up...[View Detail]

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  • Areil
    Turn for the better good, b building, no legendary noise, pick up guy pretty good?
  • feiying77
    It's OK
  • lonfa
    It's OK
  • flypiggy
    Good service, convenient dining, delicious
  • bg4blj
    Or, as always, good, is to shower the water is a little small
  • belvistee
    Here is suitable for couple living the kind of very decoration of hotels, but if it is a business trip, or don't choose here
  • alice9527
    Really good ... Close to airport, very close to ... Make a phone call to pick up the ... Super comfort ...
  • rainywxy
    Mother, connecting one night, MOM is very satisfied!
  • lyl791110
    Near the airport, shuttle bus transfer to airport, quiet, probably near the airport a bit isolated
  • freedomeyes
    Yes, sanitary and convenient.
  • barry-1
    The location is very good and the environment is clean, next election here
  • cjyypj
    Transit is very convenient, pick up drop off just in time.
  • bensondavid
    That's good
  • feelingmin
    Convenient location ... great.
  • laowang001
    Near the airport, good shuttle service, very convenient. service is very good, is that facilities are not too good. dish of the restaurant on the first floor and the price line.
  • c3wolf
    Hotels here will live
  • lesliedpl
    To catch the early flight at the airport was very convenient.
  • donyni
    Hardware facilities and hostels, health is very good, business center and aircraft shuttle and Hall waiter, service coordination, good service attitude. catering meals and clean, taste good. the surrounding environment is good, the airport noise impact is unlikely. this time very satisfied, is recommended.
  • sarsfield
    Short stay travel can be.
  • inert luo
    Close to airport, OK, price is high
  • joyjin100
    Airport transfer service is very good,
  • brattin
  • jessie_money
    Mainly close to airport and cheap, and the bed is very comfortable ...
  • suolunga
    Every time every time this hotel, good service, clean, very good value for money in the surrounding hotels have very high!
  • boxster
  • bigrabbit
    So so
  • billingo
    Location of the hotel is ideal for a later flight arrived at passengers, departing on an early morning flight passengers lived, service very good, than when the last living improved. Airport transfer service of the hotel is also very good.
  • guodayu1979
    Good location, near from the airport, stay the night, second-day air am
  • jsu_99
    Have been staying at the hotel several times now and overall I feel pretty good, convenient, convenient to the airport 10 minutes, have been recommending to other friends first
  • abcde
    In order to turn the night close to the airport was nearly
  • feibao
    Very good hotel, very near from the airport, it is recommended
  • Powman
    Near abroad airports transfers, hotel condition is fine, there are shuttle services, and support.
  • steven_up
    It's OK
  • babybear0816
    Good location, new facilities, hygiene, stay very good
  • cocamiao
    Clean rooms, restaurants are also affordable
  • candylv2428
    Hotel is near the airport, pick up service is also good. for late airport nearby shelters.
  • E03588110
    That's good!
  • olivia_yang
    Health service
  • sx_lxx
    Because to get to the airport the next day so book this hotel, not far from the airport, there's no place to eat, the only other hotel. some far away from the hotel to the Metro station only by taxi. Hotels in Nice, a small hand baggage upstairs. but the General hotel facilities and sanitation, living a too late to matter. Good places are free airport bus leaves every hour. our room packages breakfast cost 25 Yuan ate breakfast at the hotel,In addition to the porridge, steamed bread and vegetables outside not much. because the breakfast price is cheaper than eating at the airport did not have great expectations.
  • sean-y
    Very good! like a five-star hotel
  • e00159020
    Very satisfied, it's all good, and expected agreement.
  • jxanna
    Accessibility, accommodations can't say. free airport transfers ... just short of it.
  • celialeo
    Very close to the airport, pick-up service. but the breakfast is average! surroundings in General.
  • garnet
    Well, regardless, and consulting is to help with the luggage, very intimate place. room design and attention to detail, very kindly thought. Lack of breakfast is more expensive, breakfast place near far. bath mat to pay attention to clean the room, toilet water is not smooth enough, the ground water.
  • sdd1204
    To airport has night at 12 o'clock more has, hotel also is sent hand to received machine, only I a people of car, let people is moved, second days to left hotel of when, in Hall sat with find information to called car, waiter is enthusiastic of sent Shang a cup water, also carefully of asked to ice of also is hot of, this is China city rare of carefully service quality, but since know I to with car, why not directly help called car, but to I to front junction stopped taxi does? service also is no doAh!
  • felixma
    Hotel very close to leaving T2 transportation very convenient very clean
  • mlx0520
  • arron1088
    Prepared travel Shi selected has three a hotel, score, price similar, because is three a people, call Advisory Hou, voyage hotel service personnel is patience, professional to provides recommends, then select has the hotel three room. aircraft late, night at 11 o'clock only to. took luggage Hou playing T2 received machine phone, 5 minutes car on to has. driver said also has a class need received,, has a few minutes Bell, driver active put we first pulled back hotel has. handle staying speed soon, room is spacious. to focus saidSent machine, day reservation 11 points sent machine, downstairs Hou found has a whole class delays of crowd, gradually down estimated has more than 100 more people. is responsible for scheduling driver of Manager very kick, all Shuttle are out has. I worried 11 points sent T3 no shuttle has, front desk said certainly hour sent. 11 points Shi no driver has, Manager class car sent we to airport. This times staying to we left has good of impression, hotel management professional formal, front desk, breakfast, shuttle, including cleaning, serviceVery good, very pleasant experience.
  • FyeFye
    I feel pretty good! in Beijing go round airplane! lived nearby for a night! the hotel there is an airport shuttle bus is very convenient! a restaurant downstairs! was also very good
  • ira25
    Hotel and service were very good. have been staying in the hotel.